Delphix, AWS Launch FAST+ Cloud Migration for SAP Applications

Announced at 2018 SAPPHIRE NOW, the new premium offering allows businesses to migrate SAP applications from on-prem to the public cloud at maximum speed.

Delphix and AWS have launched FAST+, a new joint solution for migrating SAP applications to the public cloud. The premium offering complements AWS’ existing FAST solution. By leveraging the Delphix Data Platform, FAST+ gives organizations the ability to move SAP landscapes from on-prem to the AWS public cloud at maximum speed. AWS and Delphix announced the offering at SAP’s annual event, SAPPHIRE NOW, in Orlando, FL. FAST+ is now available on the AWS Solution Space.

Migrating SAP to AWS improves agility and scalability, decreases costs, and allows companies to rapidly innovate and respond quickly to market changes. However, the migration process can be plagued with roadblocks. SAP databases are huge, and traditional migration approaches sometimes require physical shipment of data to AWS, taking days or even weeks. If the data in the cloud needs to be refreshed, migration teams need to repeat the full process. On top of the time and effort of moving data, migration can introduce security risk. SAP represents the digital backbone of many modern businesses, and SAP applications nearly always contain sensitive data, making migration even more complex. Finally, SAP migration is iterative in nature. Before businesses can move to the cloud from on-prem, they have to perform extensive testing and go-live rehearsals. 

With Delphix, FAST+ eliminates data-related challenges and allows businesses to transition to AWS with speed, simplicity, and security. Key features include:

  • Non-disruptive sync: Delphix gathers data from SAP apps such as ERP Central Component (ECC  without interrupting production operations, then replicates it to AWS in a bandwidth-efficient manner.
  • Fast data refresh: Once data has been replicated to cloud environments, teams can refresh those environments with the latest production data, anytime and in just minutes.
  • Full support: FAST+ supports a broad set of of databases underlying SAP, including SAP HANA.
  • Integrated masking: FAST+ leverages Delphix’s sophisticated masking capabilities to identify and mask all sensitive data within complex SAP tables. Cloud environments are protected from breach, and businesses can comply with privacy regulations.
  • Flexibility, speed, and self service: Once the secure data is in AWS, Delphix can quickly provision flexible testing environments. Migration teams have self-service control to refresh, rewind, and share data, enabling them to accelerate testing iterations and go-live rehearsals.

Several customers have already used Delphix for cloud migrations, which reduced their overall migration timeline by more than half.

aws diagram

FAST+ is the latest offering resulting from the strong partnership between Delphix and AWS. At AWS re:Invent 2017, Delphix announced support for AWS Oracle RDS. Delphix is also a member of the AWS Marketplace, where customers can quickly buy and deploy the Delphix Data Platform. Finally, Delphix recently elevated its partner status to Advanced Partner and anticipate several upcoming announcements with AWS in the coming year. 

Learn more about FAST+ in the AWS Solution Space and join our partner events at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando this week for in-person discussions:

  • AWS Pavillion #642 | “Delphix Fast+ Cloud Migration for SAP Applications” | Thursday, June 7 at 11:30am
  • Capgemini Booth #622 | Customer Network Event | Wednesday, June 6 from 8:30-12
  • Capgemini Booth #622 | Roundtable | Wednesday, June 6 at 4:30pm