Everything You Need to Know About the New Delphix DataOps Community Platform

Delphix has always been about building community, and we’re proud to introduce the world’s first destination focused on the emerging practice of DataOps.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new DataOps community, a destination uniquely designed to empower data professionals to share knowledge about DataOps and other industry-related trends, including hybrid/multi-cloud technology and DevOps, and to drive innovation in today’s hyperdynamic digital landscape. 

DataOps made its debut as an “Innovation Trigger” in three separate Gartner Hype Cycle reports for 2018. As a steward of the DataOps movement, we’ve embarked on a mission to move beyond a support forum and towards a 21st century engagement platform, where this community can rely on Delphix to provide links to their DataOps toolchain, solution architecture, and practice. 

What’s New?

Leveraging Higher Logic’s community management platform, this revamp comes with a streamlined and visually appealing user experience, where our members can find easy access to a robust library of resources, including events and technical and thought leadership content. 

We encourage all levels of community, including practitioners, technologists, executive leaders, as well as all Delphixers (engineering, product, support, product marketing, and more) to bring  together new ideas and share diverse perspectives. 

Conversations, Not Pages

The new site allows for a user-friendly experience through streamlined menus, clear navigation, and responsive layouts for all platforms. We’ve created a more holistic approach to sharing information, where topics aren’t segmented, i.e., masking forum vs virtualization forum, but rather they’re treated as being part of the larger conversation. 

Next-Level Communication

Not only will we give users the ability to pose and answer questions, but they’ll have the opportunity to stay up-to-date on the latest news and events, including webinars, virtual and in-person user groups, meetups, and more. In addition, every member will be able to showcase their knowledge within their area of expertise by contributing blog posts, which will become an ideation engine for more feedback and discussion. 

Friendly Faces to Know

Director of Community Management

I’ve been building communities and engaging technology/software/hardware engineers and practitioners for the last 12 years, launching a number of different community sites. I embrace my dual role at Delphix strategizing the knowledge creation and community sites, and I’m excited to see the Delphix DataOps Community grow and thrive. 

Steve Karam, Senior Director, Education and Enablement

Steve Karam leads a team of education developers and technologists to create impactful and interactive training, labs, knowledge base articles, and other content for the Delphix Data Platform. As a long-time data technologist and educator, Steve has worked with many technologies including most popular RDBMS and NoSQL platforms, Hadoop, Linked Data/Semantic Web, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. He has authored multiple books and industry articles, and has previously earned the designations of Oracle Certified Master (OCM), Oracle ACE, and Cloudera Certified Developer for Hadoop (CCDH). 

Putting it All Together

Our customers are an important part of why we do what we do, and we see our community as the most authentic voice of the customer and community members. We hope to make conversations more meaningful and give everyone a stake in our collaborative space. This is a destination built for IT practitioners to share their challenges, experiences, and success stories, for developers to chat software and hardware, and for industry leaders in the DataOps and DevOps spaces to share thought-provoking content. We’ve come a long way from the old forum, and we’ll continue to refine and enhance the newest version we’ve created!

Now that you’ve learned all about the relaunch, head on over to the new Delphix DataOps Community and connect with other data professionals today. 


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