Delphix Partner Spotlight on Experior Tecnologia

Experior Tecnologia is on a mission to accelerate the digital journey for enterprise companies by automating and simplifying data for application development. We spoke with Lucas Teixeira, co-founder of Experior, to learn more about how they’re bringing the power of DataOps to enterprise businesses in Latin America. 

Tell us about Experior Tecnologia and the unique practices you provide to customers. 

Experior is a data integrator company. We combine process, people, and technology to simplify and deliver an unprecedented data experience to our customers in a broad range of industries, including banking, insurance, education, healthcare, and retail.

Our mission is to accelerate digital transformation by automating and simplifying the challenges of companies that are dealing with large volumes of data. We believe that technology should be a facilitator in the digital journey, and for this reason we offer them intuitive platforms, with high added value and quick wins.

To support our customer’s strategic plans to more rapidly launch new products and services, they need to be advancing their level of automation in parallel. Delphix is a key piece in this puzzle. Our most important Delphix use case is for application development, where customers use virtualized data to create higher quality test environments and deliver faster refreshes after destructive testing. 

Delphix also helps troubleshoot issues in both non-production or production environments, allowing dev teams to travel back to the original state of the database when new code was introduced into the pipeline. This capability significantly reduces the time to replicate errors for faster resolution.

What are your customers’ most common data challenges?

Data for most companies is a pain. They recognize that it is valuable and invest money in an attempt to handle it⁠—but they are still so far from being efficient. The cost of moving data is incredibly high, and it’s often difficult to obtain a clear, up-to-date view from different data sources as platforms and technologies are spread across multiple locations within the enterprise. Having said that, they need to think about how to protect all that data.

You have expanded the Delphix platform using our virtualization SDK to support additional data sources such as Informix and MySQL. What was your experience building the plug-ins?  

These were the first plugins we developed, and the experience was very positive. We have a development team that has deep knowledge of the Delphix platform, which made it a lot easier. One of our biggest challenges was that we had no prior experience in working directly with Informix, but the Delphix team was instrumental in helping us successfully deliver a solution for our customer. 

How does the Informix plug-in uplevel customers' application delivery projects? 

Informix is a platform with little investment and features compared to other databases in the market. Delphix brings unimaginable ease to Informix users. Complex processes that required a lot of effort turned into just a few clicks over a span of minutes. 

For example, one of our customers ran part of their business on a SQL database, which had good performance for provisioning and refreshes to development teams when they implemented Delphix. However, another part of the company was using Informix which wasn’t supported. The Informix teams were stuck with legacy processes for data access and refreshes in test environments that were causing bottlenecks in the software delivery lifecycle. By creating the Informix plugin for the Delphix platform, data refreshes and rewinds are now automated for both databases, so both SQL and Informix projects can achieve the same release velocity.

What are some examples of your customers' business goals, and what were the final results after they implemented Delphix?

Through our partnership, we’re able to help our customers achieve their business goals that focus on three areas: application development improvements, cloud migration, and business intelligence projects. For example, we implemented Delphix to improve software quality for an enterprise customer, which led to a 50% drop in production incidents. Getting production-quality data to applications teams meant testing was more effective and defects were found earlier in the delivery pipeline. 

For cloud migration, we helped migrate a 90TB production database from on-premises to Oracle OCI using Delphix. We were able to cut the final migration time down by almost 80%, transfering the full production database within their required window.  

We also have a healthcare company that provides virtual databases to analytics teams that support fraud analysis. With Delphix, the analysis can be run on data that is as close to production as possible, all the time. Before this, data was synced once a day, and only outside business hours, which meant fraudulent activity was often detected only after the fact.

How would you describe the power of Delphix and Experior working together? 

Delphix is a centerpiece in our portfolio. Our team has deep knowledge of the technology and its benefits, which allows us to innovate together with the Delphix team. We are able to overcome unsupported databases with the virtualization SDK and contribute to the evolution of the platform. Together, we can guide our customers in a deep transformation of data, attending to several use cases such as cloud migration, compliance, analytics, and DevOps.  

Do you have plans to build other plug-ins in the future? 

Yes. In fact, we have already developed two other plugins: MongoDB and MySQL Percona. The vSDK makes us even stronger and more comprehensive. Undoubtedly, it is a great differential compared to competitors.

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