Creating a Test Data Catalog with Delphix

Test environment data is all over the place, slowing down your projects, and injecting quality issues. It doesn’t have to be this way.

According to the TDM Strategy survey done by Infosys in 2015, up to 60% of application development and testing time is devoted to data-related tasks. That statistic seems consistent with my personal experience and my experience with the world’s largest financial institutions, as well.

It is indisputable that data is the slowest component of your Application Delivery Value Chain. We’ve automated the infrastructure and code, but the data is still largely left to manual, long processes. This creates delivery, governance, and release bottlenecks. This is why a DataOps platform specifically designed for Application Development is the better way forward.

Aligning people, process, and technology to DataOps practices is the only way to reduce data friction across our organizations and to enable the rapid, automated, and secure management of data at scale.

One such example of this is leveraging the Delphix Data Platform as a Test Data Catalog. The Test Data Catalog is a way of leveraging Delphix to transform your manual event-driven testing organizations into automated testing factories; where everyone in testing and dev, including the test data engineers, can leverage self-service to get the data they need and to securely share the data they produce.

Below you will find two videos I recorded to help illustrate and explain this concept. The first is an introduction that speaks a little deeper about the problem space. In the second video, I demonstrate how to use Delphix as a Test Data Catalog.

Reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn with your questions or if you have suggestions for future videos.