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The Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Data Company Summit

Join technology leaders as they convene at four Data Company Summits this summer to advance strategies for uniting sustainability and digital transformation.

Jason Axelrod

May 18, 2022

It’s never been more important for enterprises to undergo digital transformation. Tech companies’ recent acquisitions and expansion into new markets underscore the key roles that software-centric business models and quick application releases play in businesses’ ability to stay relevant and competitive.

At the same time, sustainability and environmental stewardship continues to be a major issue worldwide— COP26 climate summit president Alok Sharma recently called on world leaders to, “up the pace” on fulfilling their past commitments towards achieving carbon neutrality.

The importance of digital transformation and sustainability in achieving business goals is clear, but uniting both ideas offers enterprises a valuable opportunity to achieve even greater feats. Technology leaders realize this— and on May 25, visionary executives representing global brands will convene in New York City to discuss how they can (or currently) unite sustainability and digital transformation.

New York’s Data Company Summit on May 25 will kick off a series of summits, with subsequent summits being held in Paris (June 9), Newport Beach, CA (June 23), and Chicago (June 28). Registration for all Data Company Summits is still open, and there are many reasons to attend a summit, but these are our top 5 reasons.

1) Learn Field-Tested Approaches Directly From the Leaders That Implemented Them

By attending a Data Company Summit, you’ll gain practical knowledge directly from visionary technology leaders as they share how they’ve implemented approaches for sustainable digital transformation.

For instance, at New York’s summit, you’ll hear Choice Hotels CIO Brian Kirkland explain data’s key importance to one of the largest hotel chains in the world. Truist Bank Senior Vice President Sanjeev Sharma and Vice President Pritam Mahapatra will speak on the criticality of fast access to test data for efficient digital transformation at one of the largest banks in the U.S. Additionally, a panel including executives from Tokio Marine, Deloitte, and Morgan Stanley will discuss driving sustainable innovation.

2) Rising Demand for Data Presents a Challenge—and an Opportunity—for Businesses

There’s a good reason why data is so central to these global brands– it’s become the currency of digital transformation. As IT leaders have adopted innovations such as DevOps, CI/CD, and the multicloud, they’ve realized that data is just as crucial as budget dollars in building applications and software, innovating at scale, and unlocking competitive advantage.

But while DevOps and cloud technology have given rise to automation for storage, computing, and code, data has not been efficiently automated yet. Data automation is key to ensuring digital transformation, and practicing effective test data management is key to unlocking efficient data automation. Each Data Company Summit will expose attendees to sustainable test data management practices that global brand leaders have successfully implemented to propel digital transformation forward while also reducing their carbon footprints.

3) You Can Make an Immediate, Sustainable Impact with Delphix’s Tree Matching Program

While the Delphix DevOps data platform reduces applications’ and data’s environmental impact, we’re committed to doing more to fight climate change. We’re based in Redwood City, CA, and the spectacular trees that give our city its name also inspire our efforts to combat climate change. Trees improve air and water quality, they regulate local climate, and they foster habitats for flora and fauna— and we’re on a mission to plant as many trees as we can worldwide.

To that end, we’re matching 100% of Data Company Summit attendees’ donations to the Trillion Trees Campaign. Through the campaign, you can plant one tree for just $1.05 to aid in the reforestation efforts of the Yucatan Forest. If you donate even just $20, our matched donation would plant 10 orchards' worth of trees!

4) Data Company Summits Aren’t Just Conferences—They’re Celebrations in World Class Cities

Climate change and digital transformation are serious subjects—but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate uniting them. We’ll be kicking off the New York Data Company Summit in grand fashion the night before the summit with an exclusive launch event at the upscale Asiate restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental. Attendees will be able to join us for networking, dinner, and an open bar as we watch the sunset over Central Park from 35 stories above. We’ll also be preceding our Data Company Summits in Paris, Newport Beach, and Chicago with exclusive launch events.

Our host cities also offer a plethora of sights to see. From New York’s Central Park and The Louvre in Paris to Newport Beach’s massive harbor and Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, there’s an endless amount of attractions in these cosmopolitan cities.

5) Together, We Can Shape the Future of Sustainability in IT

As of 2018, the information and communications technology ecosystem comprised over 2% of global emissions— roughly equivalent to the aviation industry’s emissions from fuel. With the continuous push towards digital transformation, enterprises have the opportunity to adopt more efficient and sustainable processes to set the standard for sustainability in IT while also retaining competitive advantage.

These changes will not happen overnight, which is why we must start altering our behaviors and procedures today. and Delphix’s Data Company Summits are our first step towards advocating and achieving sustainable digital transformation.

Register today and join us as we make our organizations and the world sustainable for generations to come.