WeAreDelphix: Meet Bruna Bolorino

Meet Bruna Bolorino, senior sales director at Delphix. Based in Brazil, Bruna talks about her experience of bringing innovation to the LATAM market over the past 4 years, her best piece of career advice, and the one song that instantly puts her in a good mood.

What do you do at Delphix and what inspired you to join the company? 

I joined Delphix 4 years ago as regional sales manager to support the Brazil territory. Today, I lead all of Delphix's operations in the LATAM region as the senior sales director. What inspired me to join Delphix was the possibility of bringing innovation to Brazilian companies by driving strategic direction and execution for an entire region and providing leadership to a small, yet mighty team in support of a world-class organization.

You can ask me anything about…?  

Building a strong partner ecosystem in Latin America. Working at Delphix, I was challenged to develop a network of partners in order to open new doors, provide greater value to customers, and capture growth opportunities across a number of industries. My role has been to strategically plan and build the right partnerships from scratch while providing them with the right training to create the best solutions and services for our customers in this region. I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished. Fast forward to today, I can confidently say Delphix's operation in Latin America has doubled in size year-over-year. 

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on at Delphix? 

Sharing an innovative technology, like Delphix, to help companies overcome the challenges of data is undoubtedly the coolest professional project of my life. It’s rewarding to see the impact the product has on our customer’s day-to-day lives at work. For example, we work with a large cosmetic company in Brazil. They were one of the first contracts I closed at Delphix. They acquired the platform to accelerate the projects that support their expansion strategy, including acquisitions and in new territories (Europe and USA). After 4 years, Delphix is still working closely with this customer, supporting its M&A strategy and speeding up their digital transformation journey. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

No pain, no gain. When I was a child, my parents always stressed that good outcomes require work, commitment, dedication, and sweat. 

What’s your secret talent?

I consider myself an extremely organized person. I like the right things in the right places. I can't live with a mess. This mindset is also heavily applied to my professional life. That’s why I dedicate a lot of time for planning and reporting to ensure we as a team are having an impact on the company and the customers we serve. 

What song instantly puts you in a good mood? 

Cantaloupe Island (Remastered 1999)” by Herbie Hancock is a great song to listen to while having a good glass of wine!

What drives you everyday? 

I am very competitive with myself, and I love pursuing new challenges. In the past, before my first child was born, I was a powerlifter. This is a very challenging sport, where you’re always looking to hit the marks and go even further. 

While I’m less active now after the birth of my two children (8-month and 3-year-old), I’ve been focusing my energy on achieving work-life harmony and spending meaningful time with family while pursuing opportunities to grow and advance my career.