Win at Digital Business Transformation by Mastering Data Operations

New IDC research shows investment in data operations boosts revenue by $14 million while slashing costs by $15 million for global enterprises.

Kobi Korsah

Jul 28, 2020

Businesses today are implementing multiple initiatives to accelerate digital transformation. Many target improving customer experience by developing better applications designed to maintain and capture new business. Analysts predict an explosion of new digital products and services with the creation of more than 500 million new applications by 2023—developed and deployed using cloud-native approaches.

But modernizing enterprise IT infrastructure and operations by adopting cloud technology generates hundreds of thousands of data operations, which enterprises must more effectively support and fulfil. These data operations are often inefficient, create unwarranted financial burdens, impact innovation velocity, and expose companies to governance and compliance risks.

“Companies often look at data as a liability—expensive to store and filled with security and compliance risk,” said Jedidiah Yueh, Founder and CEO of Delphix. “In reality, data is an incredible asset that can be used to drive digital transformation, so long as you have a platform that can ensure compliance and automate delivery.”

In a new report, global market intelligence firm IDC reveals the benefits of using a data and automation platform to manage a range of data operations that are critical to the success of digital transformation initiatives.

Data collected from enterprises that participated in the study (which had an average of 70K+ employees and $51 billion in revenue) demonstrate that using the Delphix Data Platform enables companies to reduce costs and increase revenue by having a direct impact on development velocity, IT staff productivity, IT infrastructure costs, business risk mitigation, and regulatory risk mitigation.

Highlights of the study including the following results:

  • $14M average growth in annual revenue

  • $15.3M average reduction in the cost of data operations as a result of:

    • 24% increase in IT staff productivity

    • 40% increase in application development productivity

    • 72% reduction in infrastructure cost waste

    • 76% reduction in business risk

  • 560% ROI projected over five years and break-even on the investment in 9 months.

“Many organizations have strung together point solutions or homegrown utilities only to discover that creating a collection of one-off approaches to solve for data delivery, data compliance, and data operations automation can be costly and often does not scale,” analysts write in the report.

In order to stay competitive, organizations need to master data agility and support the data operations needs of modern development, DevOps, IT operations, and data science teams.

The practice of DataOps breaks down silos between people, processes, and technology to enable automated and secure distribution and management of data. As a result, this agile methodology makes it easier for enterprises to innovate, scale up with incredible speed, and stay ahead of unfolding trends and disruptions, especially during an unprecedented time like Covid-19.

In a world where every company is becoming a data company, it’s critical to have a data platform that ensures fast, compliant data is available for the projects that matter. If companies are not driving a strategic return from their data, competitors surely will.

Download the full analyst report here.