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  • Delphix case study - Rick Hopfer & Molina Healthcare
    Molina Healthcare

    "Delphix is one of the better examples of the ROI we've achieved. We've saved between $6 and $10 million over the past three years in physical storage alone."
    - Rick Hopfer, CIO, Molina Healthcare

  • Delphix case study - Jason Anders & Fannie Mae
    Molina Healthcare

    "We're seeing a lot of benefit in shortened delivery cycles, and this helps give us the confidence that we're going to have the agility and flexibility we need moving forward."
    - Jason Anders, Technology Director, Fannie Mae

  • Delphix case study - Chris Kohl & Vertex
    Vertex Inc

    "We increased the velocity of our internal testing cycles. As a result, we can introduce new capabilities to our business much faster than we could before."
    - Chris Kohl, Chief Information Officer, Vertex, Inc.

  • Delphix case study - Ralph Loura & HP Enterprise

    "At HP, Delphix allowed us to do more work concurrently with more access to live data. And it allowed us to separate the largest corporate separation in history, on time."
    - Ralph Loura, former CIO, Enterprise Group at Hewlett Packard

Many of the world's leading organizations - including AT&T, Clorox, Fannie Mae, HPE, Toyota, and more than 30 of the Fortune 100 - rely on Delphix to fast-track software development and speed new applications to market.

Molina Healthcare logo

Customer Case Study

With data virtualization, Molina Healthcare reduces costs and increases efficiencies.

"The best ROI of any technology investment that I've made has been with Delphix."
- Rick Hopfer, CIO, Molina Healthcare

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Molina Healthcare Delphix Customer Case Study
NASA Delphix Customer Case Study
NASA logo

Customer Case Study

Government agencies execute critical projects on time and on budget with efficient on-demand data delivery for development, testing, and analytics.

NASA reduced a 44TB database footprint to 4TB – eliminating 90% of their data footprint, and now creates new databases in 10 minutes.

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Customer Case Study

Alberta Blue Cross accelerates software development across modern and connected enterprise, cloud, and mobile solutions.

"The impact of having Delphix cannot be minimized."
- David W. Miller, VP & CIO, Alberta Blue Cross

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Alberta Blue Cross Delphix Customer Case Study
Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access
Molina Healthcare Delphix Customer Case Study

In the news: Fannie Mae securitization app leads DevOps implementation

Fannie Mae looks to Delphix for significant storage and operational savings as it implements its DevOps program.

"By using data virtualization tools, Fannie Mae expects substantial annual savings on storage costs, beginning with compression savings of 40%. Once more application teams sign on to use virtualized test data, that savings could increase to as much as 75%."
- TechTarget July 21, 2016

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HPE uses Delphix to split into 2 companies in 9 months and wins CIO100 award

HP needed to split a $100B business into two companies--in just 9 months, and with no more than 2 hours of downtime. In the company's 2014 Q4 earnings call, CEO Meg Whitman called this undertaking "a big and complicated separation--the biggest ever done."

For their successful efforts, the company earned one of this year's CIO 100 awards. Find out what it took for HPE to not only meet this aggressive timeline--but to beat it, and how Delphix played a key role in the process.

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HPE wins CIO100
Delphix Customers are Fortune 100 Companies

Who are Delphix Customers?

Delphix customers are innovators. They're problem solvers. And they're looking for simple, secure, smart solutions that help them move fast, control costs, and mitigate risk.

Discover how we help Delphix customers transform data delivery with instant access to secure virtual data, eliminating software development bottlenecks and accelerating application releases.

"Delphix has been consistently able to solve meaningful problems such as velocity and volume, but what it really solves is time. Wow, this stuff really works."
- Ralph Loura, former CIO, HP Enterprise & Clorox

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