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Data Control Tower

Centralize and automate ephemeral test data delivery across multicloud DevOps pipelines through a unified API control plane.

Data Control Tower helps organizations accelerate DevOps initiatives by distributing compliant test data from any point-in-time to any location through a unified API control plane. With Delphix, Application Development and Quality Assurance teams never have to wait for manual processes or for shared data resources to become available.

Within the DevOps Data Platform, Data Control Tower is the main hub to centrally manage distributed Delphix Engines, environments, and test data spread across the enterprise. With Data Control Tower, IT operations teams can easily construct fully automated API-driven test data workflows that include centralized management of their petabyte-scale enterprise data.

  • Unified APIs: Ephemerally deploy data from any point-in-time across distributed multicloud environments with modern multi-engine DevOps automation APIs

  • Centralized Data Management: Centrally manage, distribute, and monitor enterprise data in real-time

  • DevOps Integrations: Deploy fully automated data with Terraform, ServiceNow, Github, GitLab, Jira, Jenkins, and Urbancode

  • Compress Test Cycles: Rapidly provision ephemeral test data environments and execute tests in parallel