DevOps Test Data Management (TDM) For Dummies

DevOps Test Data Management (TDM) For Dummies®, Delphix Special Edition Quick and thorough overview of the essential approach to TDM for modern development teams DevOps Test Data Management (TDM) is a proven approach for delivering, protecting and managing test data for development, QA, and DevOps teams. See how businesses around the world are accelerating quality software releases, mitigating compliance risks, and improving developer productivity.

Read the eBook to learn how DevOps TDM:

  • Overcomes common TDM barriers to Agile, DevOps, and CI/CD

  • Eliminates sensitive data from non-production environments

  • Automates time-consuming tasks for developers, QA teams, and DBAs

  • Shifts left quality to reduce defects, shorten time-to-market, and save money