Data Privacy and Security

Connect people and data, securely.

Continuously deliver data without the risk. Delphix protects data wherever it resides, on premises or in the cloud.

A comprehensive approach to data security.


Identify sensitive data—such as credit card numbers and email addresses—and report your risk profile.


Continuously mask data in a simple and repeatable manner. Replace confidential information with fictitious, yet realistic values.


Provision secure data copies to any target environment—on-premise or cloud—in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Put the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform to work for you.

Reduce the surface area of risk for breach

Non-production environments for development, testing, and reporting represent as much as 90% of the attack surface for data breach and are often less scrutinized from a security perspective. The Delphix platform irreversibly masks sensitive data values to neutralize risk in those environments, safeguarding them from insider and outsider threats alike. Delphix also seamlessly integrates masking with data virtualization to deliver secure data to non-production targets at an accelerated pace.

Drive compliance with key regulations

Compliance with tough privacy regulations cannot be an afterthought. GDPR, HIPAA, PCI and other regulations demand effective and repeatable measures for protecting personal information. Delphix lets businesses centrally define security policies while giving them the capability to automatically detect and secure any data values subject to regulatory requirements.



Accelerate cloud adoption with reduced data security risks

The Delphix Dynamic Data Platform locks down sensitive information wherever it resides, including in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments. For businesses moving workloads to environments such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, Delphix lets teams easily mask data on premises before replicating that data to the cloud, eliminating key security risks to migration.



Security with Delphix


Intelligently identify sensitive data values

Delphix scans data values and metadata to detect confidential information such as email addresses, credit card numbers, or patient records. This allows security teams to easily provide management or regulators with an enterprise-wide risk assessment.


Automatically protect data with masking

Delphix’s patented algorithms irreversibly mask sensitive data and replace values with fictitious, yet realistic equivalents. Masking is consistently applied across a broad range of database and file types, maintaining referential integrity across sources. Customers can optionally build custom masking rules or employ reversible tokenization algorithms.


Deliver secure data copies in minutes

By integrating data masking with data virtualization, businesses can continuously deliver masked data copies to downstream environments in minutes instead of days or weeks.


Govern data from a single point of control

Manage who has access to what data, for how long, and when. Data consumers can access and use data independently, while administrators retain full control over privileges and physical resources.


Define security policies once and apply them everywhere

Administrators can set enterprise security policies to ensure that the right data is protected using the right controls and masking algorithms. Policies are applied consistently, regardless of the data source. Ensure compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI & others

Case Study

Molina Healthcare drives security, HIPAA compliance with Delphix

To satisfy data privacy and security requirements, Molina adopted data masking practices from Delphix to secure PHI data in non-production environments. Together with Delphix, Molina developed a solution that automatically masks and delivers secure datasets to downstream environments for development, testing, and analytics.

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