solution brief

Delphix for Consumer Goods and Retail

Prepare for the busiest digital holiday shopping season ever

Growth of mobile and online shopping has outpaced in-store buying for several years, but now digital buying is the new normal. Retailers are figuring out how to fuel  digital-first experiences in this new paradigm. From personalized products and experiences to differentiated online and mobile applications, software is at the core of mobile and online shopping innovation – and software relies on data.

With Delphix, consumer goods and retail organizations can adapt faster to changes in buying patterns and accelerate development of differentiated applications with secure, compliant, production-quality data.

Read the solution brief to find out how Delphix helps consumer goods and retail companies:

  • Accelerate Digital transformation and avoid downtime revenue loss

  • Improve mobile and online shopping experiences while releasing applications faster

  • Minimize exposure to data breaches and deliver compliant data in your test environments

  • Provide self-service access to application data for analytics

  • Increase frequency and accuracy of ERP updates

  • Securely share data with global supply-chain partners