Accelerate AI/ML Workflows

Increase primary data access by 90% to train AI models.


Build Better Models Faster

Modern AI/ML drives a demanding new set of data management requirements: API access to all data from all points in time, with data versioning to handle drift, and privacy controls to enable compliance.

Programmable Data Infrastructure for AI/ML

Delphix combines fast delivery of compliant data with enterprise-wide data coverage. Give data scientists API-driven access to the right data in minutes.

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    Access all data required to build successful AI/ML models.

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    Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

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    Version source and training data for drift analysis.

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    Use near real-time or historical data.

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    Integrate data delivery within AI/ML workflows via API.

The Delphix Difference

Lawn Mower vs. Combine Harvester

Instead of training models via thin ETL streams with 5-10% of total data, Delphix ingests, versions, and delivers complete datasets from any point in time. Flexible vs. predetermined data access lets data scientists iterate quickly and build accurate models.

API-driven data delivery and access

Deliver data from any source in minutes for analysis, correlation, and time series data. Synchronize data across sources. Prepare once and provision multiple environments—all through the magic of the Delphix Data Platform.


Use an immutable data time machine

Delphix captures a continuous record of source data changes so it can deliver near real-time data, plus historical data—down to the second or transaction.


Mitigate compliance and security risk for AI/ML data

Delphix automatically finds and masks sensitive information while preserving business semantics, referential integrity, and consistency across data sources.


Version source and training data

Easily version source and training data via API for concept drift analysis. Share and reuse datasets across different models and pipelines.


Integrate data operations with AI/ML tools

Leverage an API-first platform to knit data provisioning, versioning, cleanup, integration, and other complex operations into your AI/ML toolchain.


Hear From Our Customers

Delphix And AWS Enable Cal State University To Bring AI-Driven Digital Experiences To Half A Million Students

“CSU was able to deliver data from our private cloud to AWS for various purposes, including data cloning and data masking as well as using AI to identify students who are at risk of dropping out.”

RUDY GONZALEZ, Managing Director, Unisys

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