The Biggest Constraint in Cloud Migrations—Data and Compliance

Migrate applications to the cloud 30% faster.


Migrating Apps to the Cloud Is Expensive, Complex, and Risky

Data is a key barrier to tapping into the speed, scalability, and cutting-edge services of the cloud

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    Cloud validation compliance

    Companies must safeguard sensitive data during the validation phase encompassing testing, tuning, tooling, and re-sizing.

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    Integration challenges

    Data dependencies, entanglements block a straightforward path to migrating app portfolios.

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    Inefficient cloud data sync

    Continuously moving large volumes of data to the cloud disrupts production operations, consumes resources.

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    Testing requirements

    Refactoring or replatforming migrated apps drives demanding requirements for test data availability.

Execute a Thin Migration

Instead of migrating all of your data environments, execute a thin migration. Delphix syncs production data to the cloud then enables you to provision virtual databases to rebuild environments for development, testing, and AI. Eliminate the need to migrate non-production environments that represent 90% of your data footprint.

Accelerate and De-Risk All Phases of Production Migration

Delphix also enables teams to migrate production workloads to the cloud faster and with greater confidence. Use APIs from Delphix to effortlessly sync production data to the cloud. Then provision, clean up, integrate, and version data to drive testing, cutover rehearsal, and production support.

Test applications using virtual data

Moving apps to the cloud requires testing, and testing requires test data. Delphix provisions virtual data to cloud environments in minutes

  • Test platform changes and new configurations

  • Test using full datasets to determine query performance

  • Test accuracy across systems using integrated datasets


Rehearse go-live processes

Delphix automatically migrates key elements of production environments to the cloud including app files, DB files, and databases.

  • Enable repeated cutover rehearsals and timings

  • Drive development of automations and safeguards to reduce downtime

  • Streamline migration to either IaaS or PaaS


Prep contingencies and boost readiness

Delphix maintains a granular record of data changes over time — retaining data in 100x less space than legacy technologies.

  • Efficiently archive on-prem data before cutover 

  • Pre-provision production support environments

  • Easily roll back in case of data loss or corruption issues


Cutover using the latest data

Delphix quickly and efficiently syncs the latest production data to cloud environments.

  • Bandwidth-efficient cloud sync

  • Rebuild physical environments from virtual ones 

  • Any cloud, any app support


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