Delphix for IBM DB2

IBM DB2 Cloud Migration & Data Management Platform

Maintaining a heterogeneous mix of technologies can be difficult and expensive to manage—and even more challenging when migrating to the cloud. Delphix makes DB2 systems more agile, paving the way for DevOps, automation, and cloud initiatives.

Simplify data provisioning complexity

Provision, refresh, or restore DB2 environments in minutes with end-to-end automation. With self-service controls that put data management in the hands of the developer, operations teams can offload the burden of managing cumbersome requests while ensuring proper resource governance.


Transform the economics of DB2

Delphix shares common data blocks across DB2 copies, enabling organizations to consolidate their storage footprint by up to 90%. By capturing only the unique changes made to each copy, Delphix can store weeks of data in the space of one DB2 backup. Administrators can also automatically recover data in minutes, ensuring business continuity and mitigating the risk of interruptions to ongoing projects. 

Unify your approach to data privacy

Secure data across your entire enterprise, including DB2 running on Unix, Linux, and mainframes. Delphix provides a central interface for administrators to easily profile, mask, and manage access to data.


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