Mainframe Transformation

Deliver faster, lighter, safer mainframe data to drive everything from AppDev to AI.


Eliminate Mainframe Data as a Drag on Transformation

Mainframes still power core business processes but are often a bottleneck to transformation. Delphix eliminates slow, manual processes for delivering compliant mainframe data to accelerate modernization projects, ongoing development, and AI/ML.

Bring Modern, API-Driven Automation to Mainframe

A Fortune 100 healthcare company generated huge productivity benefits by using Delphix to integrate mainframe data with open systems, feeding this data into cloud-based CI/CD pipelines.

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    Increased productivity of development teams by 37%.

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    Automated mainframe data delivery within CI/CD workflows.

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    Boosted efficiency of database operations by 100%.

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    Reduced storage footprint by 97%.

Delphix Provides Programmable Data Infrastructure for Mainframe Transformation

Delphix automates complex data operations including data delivery and compliance. With the ability to mask mainframe databases and move data to open systems, Delphix accelerates a full spectrum of mainframe projects— from native development to modernization to migration.

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    Integration of mainframe and non-mainframe data into CI/CD pipelines.

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    2x faster release cycles for mainframe applications.

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    Accelerated hybrid-cloud adoption.

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    Fast access to mainframe data for analytics and AI/ML.

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    Compliance with privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA.

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    Lower MIPS consumption by offloading work to open systems.

Modernize Apps and Processes that Rely on Mainframe Data

The DevOps Data Platform integrates with mainframe emulation systems to sync data from mainframes, then quickly deliver it to Linux-based environments. Moving workloads to open systems increases mainframe capacity, accelerates the SDLC and eliminates data silos to boost development speed and improve customer experience.

Automate mainframe data within DevOps and CI/CD workflows

Modernize development processes and integrate with DevOps toolchains. Delphix unlocks mainframe data, automatically delivering and versioning it across parallel software pipelines.


Integrate mainframe and non-mainframe data

Streamline dev/test for composite apps and business processes driven by mainframe. Delphix connects to mainframes and dependent systems, then delivers integrated environments with synchronized data.


Sync mainframe data to the cloud

Take advantage of the speed and automation benefits of a hybrid-cloud architecture. Delphix efficiently moves data out of mainframe silos, continuously syncing it to environments in AWS, Azure, GCP or other clouds for development and AI/ML.


Mitigate data compliance risk

Discover and mask sensitive data while preserving referential integrity for consistent compliance across mainframes and other systems.


“The ability to quickly and securely collect and distribute data across the entire spectrum of multi-generational systems is compelling. It can help enterprises accelerate digital transformation programs and more easily embrace disruptive technologies like AI and cloud.”

Jim Mercer, research director, DevOps, IDC

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