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Modernizing Applications is a Fundamental Motion for Digital Transformation (DX)

While some DX investments are net-new software projects, a complex set of apps from multiple generations sit behind the digital veneer. To access technologies like cloud and AI/ML, enterprises must embark on a series of replatforming exercises to modernize the stack across a connected landscape.

Navigating the Modernization Journey

Businesses must execute a multi-part replatforming journey—one that often includes complex rationalization and migration efforts— without freezing urgent priorities in current roadmaps.

Replatforming Data Challenges

Replatforming projects require an extensive testing cycle to validate functionality, performance, security, and interoperability across networks, clouds, and generations of systems. Data can be a key bottleneck to replatforming test cycles.

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    Slow data delivery

    Delivering data takes days to weeks, gating replatforming projects starved for data-ready environments.

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    Poor data quality

    QA teams validating applications on the modernized stack work with stale or low-fidelity data.

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    Challenging integration

    Integration tests need synchronized data across dozens of apps from different eras and technology stacks.

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    Compliance risk

    Teams must safeguard sensitive data to stay compliant with privacy laws and avoid crippling penalties.

Accelerate Application Modernization

Delphix enables teams to modernize applications much more quickly by solving test data and integration environment challenges. Delphix continuously syncs production data from the legacy stack to the target stack.

Sync with any data source

From legacy systems such as mainframe and UNIX databases to modern systems like MongoDB and HANA, Delphix works with any source.

Immutable data

Capture a full data timeline, provision a validation environment to any point in time, and save bookmarks for key points in your project.


API automation

Replatforming teams can get the data they need without filing tickets and waiting for IT Ops admins to respond.


Parallel environments

Run as many validation environments as you need for each application, without consuming any more storage.


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