SQL Server

Manage databases in a fraction of the time and space.

The Problem:

Businesses need copies of Microsoft SQL Server databases for development, testing, backup, and reporting. But creating, managing, and delivering these copies is tedious and expensive work that takes IT resources from other more valuable initiatives.

The Solution:

In minutes, Delphix can deliver fully functional copies of SQL Server databases that require almost no extra storage, enabling developers, testers, and operational analysts to redirect their focus from database management to efforts that drive better business outcomes.

Delphix for SQL Server

Running on any x86 server and using any storage, Delphix syncs with native or third-party SQL Server backups and maintains two weeks of data changes, building a continuous history of the production source over time. From any point in that timeline, users can instantly provision a read/write virtual copy of the database--in a fraction of the space--and then use it like a physical copy for replication, mirroring, and change data capture (CDC). Delphix supports SQL Server Enterprise and Standard edition on version 2005 through 2014 (2016 shortly after release) as well as Availability Groups, and SQL Clusters.

How data virtualization works

Clone databases fast and efficiently

Traditional systems for creating complete copies of SQL Server databases require too much time and too much storage space – drawing money and productivity from more important initiatives.

By leveraging virtual data, Delphix provisions full-size, read/write copies of databases in minutes, using almost no extra storage regardless of the size of the original database – saving time, resources, and operational expenses.

Clone Databases Fast
Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access
Self Service Interface

Enable end users to work independently

Whenever end users need to refresh, rollback, bookmark, share, or branch data, they have to create a work ticket and wait in the queue, delaying their projects and creating additional work for admins.

Delphix enables users to request data clones or refreshes through a self-service interface called Jet Stream, eliminating the bottleneck of work tickets issued to DBAs, storage admins, and system admins, and reducing overhead, bureaucracy, and delays.

Reduce the risk of a data breach

Having multiple copies of production data increases threat surface area, and traditional data masking solutions run too slowly, creating delays between various stages of development and testing.

Delphix consolidates non-production data copies into a single, shared footprint to reduce exposure to attacks. And its integrated data masking replaces sensitive information with fictitious yet realistic data, preserving the value of data copies for development, testing, or analytics. Delphix can automatically apply masking to both SQL and non-SQL data sources, while delivering secure, virtual copies in just minutes.

How Delphix Works with SQL Server
Continuous SQL Delivery

Retain 30 days of backup

Back up — and recover — with less hassle

Backups of SQL Server databases are often unwieldy in size, and recovery takes too long or isn't granular enough to prevent costly disruptions.

Delphix can retain 30 days of backup in the size of the source, or less, because it more efficiently compresses data and stores only unique blocks. It also tracks changes down to the second and enables recovery of the complete database from any point in time with just a few mouse clicks.