Reduce Downtime for Critical Applications

Improve production resiliency, uptime by 65%.


Site Reliability for Critical Applications

For today’s digital businesses, application downtime is costly: lost revenue, missed customer acquisition opportunities, and stalled production lines all result from outages. Moreover, data errors, loss, and corruption can result in an app that is still running, but not functioning properly, with the same negative outcomes.

Transform Data to Be Proactive, Not Reactive

With Delphix, teams can pre-engineer automated workflows to identify application issues, then recreate the last known good state for any app—including the data.

Enable Continuous Data Protection

Delphix non-disruptively and continuously syncs data from source applications and databases in near real-time. With the ability to capture data down to the second or transaction, Delphix preserves a more granular data history than backup solutions, enabling a better RPO.

Immutable Data Time Machine

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    Write-once, read-many architecture

    All change data is written to new data blocks, leaving the data record completely unchanged and accessible.

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    Efficient data virtualization

    Store data in 100x less space than traditional backup solutions—providing a long and cost-effective data protection window.

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    Fast data recovery

    Provision or recover virtual data to environments in minutes, not days or weeks.

Accelerate data availability for Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Delphix automatically restores or provisions data to multiple parallel forensic environments across a range of time slices. Delphix virtualization uses data blocks in place, eliminating the need to wait for restore time. SRE teams can quickly get access to environments populated with data in the state that it was right before the system went down or data was lost or corrupted.


Recover from data corruption

Quickly refresh, bookmark, and branch virtual data to remediate data corruption issues.


Repair applications following data issues

Recreate the state of an application prior to an incident, then surgically repair production.

  • Decrease MTTR with Delphix + AppDynamics

    Automate the SRE toolchain and deliver data-ready environments for fast service recovery.

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  • Accelerate Application Recovery with Delphix + Dynatrace

    Integrate automated data delivery into SRE workflows.

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