The Delphix Vision

Every company is a data company

Data company

Enterprises are on a digital transformation journey to stay competitive.

But most application transformation programs are starved for development environments and data. Without data-ready environments, projects lack the test infrastructure for fast developer feedback. As a result, they hemorrhage developer productivity, miss timelines, and overrun budgets. 

Over the last two decades, storage, compute, and code have all been automated. But data has remained heavy, slow, and complex.

Data is the last automation frontier. Today the world's biggest and most successful companies are not just tech companies. They are data companies
masters of data management and utilization.

We are passionate about unlocking the data potential for companies around the world, and helping every company transform into a data company. 

Our mission is to help companies
transform their businesses with data.

Shadow Data Management

Enterprise data needs are increasingly urgent and varied—data for cloud migrations, to enable CI/CD, to train AI models, for analytics, to meet regulatory reporting requirements, and for forensics and production recovery.

But data is often trapped in departmental and application silos and filled with privacy, compliance, and security risk. 

Most companies struggle to manage thousands of repeated data operations through manual, cross-functional processes. Developers, data scientists, and SREs repeatedly request data provisioning, refresh, rollback, integration, masking, and replication. On average, companies maintain seven downstream copies of a database for every production copy.  

The cost, risk, and complexity of manual data operations is an incredible drag on a company’s transformation velocity. 

The opportunity cost of data can be the difference between winning and losing market share in today’s competitive economy. 

Programmable Data Infrastructure

Tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have set a north star for companies around the world to stay competitive. They engineer away every impediment to fast, reliable software releases.

To keep pace, companies need to apply an engineering mindset. To achieve Internet and cloud speed and scale, you can’t wait for anything. Everything has to be programmable and API-driven.

Delphix is the industry leader in programmable data infrastructure.

Delphix provides an API-first data platform that spans the multi-cloud and supports all apps, from cloud-native to legacy mainframes. Delphix automates a range of critical, complex data operations—including compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

The Delphix Difference

Delphix is the industry leader in programmable data infrastructure.

Delphix revolutionizes the availability and quality of development environments by automating the biggest constraint in the journey to the cloud—data.

The Delphix Data Platform provides compliant, virtual data to shrink data footprints and streamline a comprehensive range of enterprise data operations with sophisticated APIs.

Delphix supports data and applications from cloud-native platforms to mainframes, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM databases.

With Delphix, companies can ship software, migrate to the cloud, and unlock the power of AI in less time, risk, and cost.