The Delphix Vision

Every company is now a data company, and data companies need DataOps. The Delphix DataOps platform powers the next quantum leap in software development, analytics, and AI/ML by speeding the secure delivery of test data.

Data companyEvery Company is a Data Company

Data is now a strategic asset and a competitive weapon. Entire industries are being shaken to their core by insurgents wielding data assets. Powerful incumbents are battling for dominance on the strength of their customer relationships.

Every company now is a data company. Building new applications requires new ways of thinking about and using data. Analytics, decision making, and machine learning demand access to near-real-time data.

At the same time, the data environment is becoming more complex. The explosion in the volume of data, numbers of data sources, and the variety of database systems is straining the limits of traditional data management. Meanwhile, governments worldwide are deepening their regulation of data handling.

This increasing complexity is slowing the velocity of innovation. And, it is preventing data users — including developers, testers, analysts, and data scientists — from getting the data they need, at the pace they need, in order to do their jobs.

Delphix is on a mission to revolutionize the way teams work with data.

Data Companies Need DataOps

DataOps is the answer to the rising complexity of data management. DataOps is a movement, comprised of a set of practices and technologies designed to break down barriers between data owners and data users.

DataOps can support data users through the continuous delivery of data and self-service data management — while maintaining organizational control, security, and privacy. It enables access to the data that users need, in the form they need, when they need it — and makes self-service possible.


DataOps can make data managers more productive by reducing the wait time and manual scripting traditionally associated with extracting, securing, and delivering data. It enables simpler, shared data management tooling and workflows for otherwise incompatible, heterogeneous data platforms. Finally, it simplifies working with data wherever it may live — whether on-premises or in the cloud.

DataOps also eases the burden of complying with data privacy regulations by providing centralized governance, control of data access and protection of sensitive information. 

DataOps accelerates the progress of enterprises on their journey of digital transformation with speed and confidence.

The Delphix Difference

The Delphix DataOps Platform speeds the delivery of data where it’s needed, making data managers more productive, keeping sensitive information out of the wrong hands, and enabling teams to quickly and directly manage their data. It is the only data operations platform for the cloud that combines data compliance with on-demand data delivery. 

Delphix can power business’ most important initiatives—from migrating to the cloud, to complying with data privacy regulations, to transforming customer experiences. With Delphix, businesses deliver winning applications with compliant data that can be accessed and versioned on demand.


Enterprises that have adopted DataOps are more advanced in terms of transitioning to the cloud and executing digital transformation strategies – and as such they are better-placed to gain competitive advantage over their rivals.
Matt Aslett
451 Research

What is DataOps?

DataOps is a set of practices and technologies designed to speed data to users who need it, while maintaining control, security, and privacy.


How Does DataOps Eliminate Data Bottlenecks?

As enterprises depend more and more on data to drive innovation, data management practices can’t keep up. DataOps accelerates the delivery of production-quality data to developers, testers, analysts, and data scientists.