The Delphix Vision

Data is a strategic asset. Let’s use it that way.

Data companyEvery Company Is a Data Company

The world’s biggest companies are tech companies. They’re also data companies—masters of data management and utilization.

With modern technologies like cloud and AI, it’s more critical than ever to leverage data as a strategic asset.

Our mission is to help companies
transform their businesses with data.

The Invisible Data Factory

Enterprise data needs are increasingly urgent and varied—data for cloud migrations, to enable CI/CD, to train AI models, for analytics, to meet regulatory reporting requirements, and for forensics and production recovery.

But data is often trapped in departmental and application silos and filled with privacy, compliance, and security risk. 

Most companies struggle to manage thousands of repeated data operations through manual, cross-functional processes. Developers, data scientists, and SREs repeatedly request data provisioning, refresh,

rollback, integration, masking, and replication. On average, companies maintain seven downstream copies of a database for every production copy.

The cost, risk, and complexity of manual data operations is an incredible drag on a company’s transformation velocity. 

The opportunity cost of data can be the difference between winning and losing market share in today’s competitive economy. 

The Rise of DataOps

DataOps is the combination of processes, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver data at high velocity, while maintaining data compliance.

Industry and privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR, CCPA, and NYPA) have made data management more costly, risky, and complex than ever, slowing analytics and application release cycles.

DataOps is a force multiplier for data science (AI modeling), application development (CI/CD), modernization (from legacy to cloud native platforms), and cloud migration programs.

DataOps reduces costs by eliminating wait time for developers, testers, and migration teams, streamlining access to compliant data for data scientists, driving down mean time to repair (MTTR) for production systems, and improving utilization of idle infrastructure.

The Delphix Difference

Delphix is the industry leader in DataOps. 

The Delphix DataOps Platform provides compliant, virtual data to shrink data footprints and streamline a comprehensive range of enterprise data operations with sophisticated APIs.

Delphix supports data and applications across cloud-native platforms to mainframes and SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM databases.

With Delphix, companies can ship software, migrate to the cloud, and unlock the power of AI in less time, risk, and cost.

As DataOps continues to mature, enterprises will reap the additional benefits of empowering development teams to overcome data friction and achieve the velocity of innovation demanded by the digital economy.
Matt Aslett
451 Research

What Is DataOps?

DataOps is a set of practices and technologies designed to speed data to users who need it, while maintaining control, security, and privacy.


How Does DataOps Eliminate Data Bottlenecks?

As enterprises depend more and more on data to drive innovation, data management practices can’t keep up. DataOps accelerates the delivery of production-quality data to developers, testers, analysts, and data scientists.