Accelerate Design and Development of Data Projects Using AWS

A proven blueprint for boosting application velocity for your team

What if you could instantly stand up AWS environments with fresh, secure data―while also slashing storage? It’s what Dentegra, one of the largest US health benefits providers, achieved by using Delphix as the centerpiece of its hybrid cloud strategy.

Check out our webinar and get a proven blueprint for boosting application velocity. Experts from AWS, Dentegra, and Delphix explain how to:

  • Provision data to AWS dev/test environments for hundreds of developers in hours, not weeks

  • Massively cut storage requirements in AWS by using virtual, instead of physical data copies

  • Easily mask sensitive data to enable compliance with data privacy laws


Atul Solanki

Manager - DevOps at Dentegra

Atul joined Dentegra in 2016 and is responsible for DevOps practices related to database. He has over 20 + years of experience in managing complex database systems across a wide range of core business verticals like Biotech, Internet Gaming, Web E-Commerce. Electronics and Manufacturing. His experience includes designing highly available and scalable database platforms primarily on Oracle but also on MS-SQL Server, My SQL PostgreSQL etc.


Binoy Das

Partner Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services

Binoy is also a member of AWS’s Machine Learning field community and works with AWS partners and customers who are designing state of the art machine intelligence solutions. In his prior life, he worked as technology consultant with clients across domains ranging from retail, travel and hospitality to banking and financial services. He received his education from Schulich School of Business (in Toronto, Canada)in Finance and Strategic Management (MBA), and from NIT (in Durgapur, India) in Computer Science (MCA). He is a Canadian, now living in Pacific Northwest, in a small town named Snoqualmie, nestled within beautiful Cascade Mountains.


Jeff Zeisler

Global Vice President of Field Services with Delphix

Jeff joined Delphix back in 2011 and has seen the company transform into one of Silicon Valley's fastest growing data platforms focused on helping enterprises address data friction challenges in DevOps and other IT environments.