Adopting Data Control Tower for Self-Service

Find out how to move your self-service users and application teams from Delphix Continuous Data to Data Control Tower.

In March 2024, we announced the end-of-life for Delphix Self-Service in favor of Data Control Tower (DCT). With the standard Self-Service usage cases covered, such as database refreshes and bookmark sharing, we have since expanded to various other customer requested enhancements. For example, we have added detailed insight dashboards, fine-grained access control, and a centralized user experience. Data Control Tower is ready to solve your growing enterprise data requirements and we look forward to continuing the engagement with our customers to make it best in class.

In this webinar, our Data Control Tower experts experts demonstrated how to:

  • Build a plan to ensure a successful self-service DCT rollout.

  • Perform common Delphix Self-Service actions in DCT, such as refresh, create bookmark, and share bookmark.

  • Prepare your applications teams for a new user interface, command line tool, and DevOps integrations.

  • Implement suggested administrative, tagging, and permission strategies.

We highly recommend this webinar if your organization is a heavy user of Delphix Self-Service. This is not a presentation you will want to miss!


Nick Mathison

Product Manager, Delphix

Nick Mathison has focused his career on building and implementing enterprise DevOps solutions to enable application teams to ship products faster, cheaper, and safer. As part of Delphix’s product management team, he helps deliver Data Control Tower’s Developer Experience alongside various data source connectors and DevOps integrations.


Ross Millenacker

Senior Product Manager, Delphix

Ross Millenacker leads product efforts for Data Control Tower at Delphix. Before Delphix, Ross held many roles ranging from Product Marketing to Engineering in the Software and Semiconductor industries. He has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon, a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, and a BA in History from UC Santa Cruz.