API-Driven Data Delivery: Your CI/CD Secret Weapon

Create faster, higher-quality feedback loops for DevOps and SRE workflows

Enterprise DevOps teams have reached unprecedented levels of maturity that have revolutionized their software supply chain, but the relentless drive to fuel business growth requires continual refinement of the value stream.

API-driven data delivery is your secret weapon in optimizing the CI/CD pipeline, fundamentally changing the physics of data to match the flexibility of cloud-based infrastructures and automated development toolchains.

Automating data operations allows development teams to re-architect legacy, manual processes that both accelerate application development and improve application quality by:

  • Shifting left with production-relevant data to ensure comprehensive test coverage earlier in the release cycle, establishing faster, higher-quality feedback loops.

  • Increasing the accuracy of complex integration testing, bringing data agility to diverse application stacks in any location.

  • Expediting root cause analysis of production issues by reproducing the state of the database before, during, or after an incident.

Watch this webinar to understand how API-driven data delivery can:

  • Increase developer productivity

  • Reduce change failure rates

  • Improve MTTR from production incidents