CX/EX Innovation Sets Leaders Apart

Outpace the Digital Experience Curve

Watch this webinar featuring 451 Research VP Matt Aslett for critical insights on the depth and breadth of CX/EX challenges; and why a smarter approach to DataOps is urgently needed. Data is what sets the leaders apart. The burning question is, are you playing data operations catch-up? And if so, what can you do to speed up and keep up?

Delphix's Kobi Korsah adds valuable context while highlighting how Blue chips like FannieMae, Boeing Employees' Credit Union, and Clorox improved their bottom-line by transforming the customer experience up to 100 times faster—with Delphix. And continue to accelerate experience innovation to shape and reshape customer engagement.

  • Introduction: The CX/EX Curve and your Bottom-Line

  • Insights and approaches to outpace the CX/EX curve

  • Disrupt or be disrupted – flexing with the flow of data

  • A hotbed of CX transformation - Capital Markets

  • Harnessing data – more stories from the CX Edge


Matt Aslett

He is responsible for 451 Research's Data, AI and Analytics Channel – including operational and analytic databases, Hadoop, grid/cache, stream processing, data integration, data governance, and data management, as well as data science and analytics, machine learning and AI. Matt's primary area of focus currently includes distributed data management, data catalogues, business intelligence and analytics, data science management, and enterprise knowledge graphs.


Kobi Korsah

As Principal Product Marketing Manager, Kobi's insight-led approach and thought-provoking opinions on the business value of being data-driven in every context helps Delphix audiences across the globe to appreciate the power of a smarter DataOps approach. Before Delphix his twenty-five years of enterprise software industry experience – spanning customer-facing disciplines – helped guide vendors across software markets to succeed with market-shaping data management solutions.