Data Compliance in a Zero
Trust World

Traditional perimeter-based security policies are no longer sufficient for today’s complex and decentralized enterprise IT environments. Once attackers breach the perimeter, movement can be difficult to detect. 

Zero Trust assumes there is no implicit trust granted to assets, user accounts, microservices, or data based solely on their location. Under a Zero Trust policy, every user and transaction must be validated before access to an enterprise resource is granted. 

A comprehensive data compliance program is a foundational element of a Zero Trust model. And for non-production environments used by application development and analytics teams, ‘verify but still not trust’ is a principal concept.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Ensure data protection when sharing data across your business ecosystem
  • Establish a ‘default deny’ policy with automated anonymization of sensitive data
  • Maintain referential integrity when integrating diverse data sources  
  • Eliminate risk of non-compliance with new and evolving privacy regulations






Hims Pawar

Hims Pawar is Principal Solution Architect at Delphix. He works closely with customers across industries to showcase next-gen technology. He consults on all aspects of information security and specializes in helping clients protect their data while reaping the most value from their digital transformation initiatives.


Lenore Adam

Lenore Adam is a Director of Product Marketing at Delphix and has 20+ years of experience in product marketing and product management roles at HP, Cisco, and Silicon Valley startups. Having caught the technology bug early in her career, she was fortunate to be on the front lines during major industry shifts such as the explosive growth of x86 servers, the extraordinary transition to Agile development, and now the boundless promise of the cloud.