Solution Demo: Data Masking
with the DevOps Data Platform

If you’re like most businesses, as much as 90% of your sensitive data resides in environments used for development, testing, data science, and reporting. That’s why data masking has emerged as a critical capability for enterprises across all industries. 

This demo provides a step-by-step masking walkthrough, showing you how to leverage the DevOps Data Platform to:

  • Automatically identify specific types of sensitive data values
  • Easily mask data while preserving the realism and referential integrity of your datasets
  • Define and deploy masking policies at enterprise-wide scale
  • Provision and refresh masked data in minutes



ilkerIlker Taskaya is a data masking solution engineer at Delphix, Inc, specializing in financial services and healthcare industry data security solutions for the last 10 years. He holds number of patents in data security field. Prior to 2006 he consulted in data warehousing for clients in financial services, insurance, and health care. Ilker began his career 20 years as a database analyst in the financial services sector.


davidDavid Wells is the Director of the Masking Competency Center at Delphix, Inc., responsible for ensuring that customers successfully implement Delphix data masking. Prior to joining Delphix, Mr. Wells performed a similar function for Axis Technology, LLC. He has been helping clients create secure test data for several years. David has a broad IT background, providing consulting services to large financial institutions for many years, and prior to that, serving in leadership roles at several software startups.