On-Demand Webinar

New 451 Research Reveals Data Is the Key to Friction in DevOps

You’ve moved to agile. You’re “all in” on the cloud. And yet, you know there’s a ton of velocity in your DevOps projects left on the table.

Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst with 451 Research, hosts a webinar with DevOps pioneers Patrick Lightbody, SVP of Product at Delphix and Nick Suwyn, Principal Systems Engineer at Choice Hotels, to explore how DevOps teams in the global enterprise have successfully check marked code management, configuration management and build management with various industry standard tools to combat the challenges brought upon by “data friction.” Jay will unveil his latest research on the state of DevOps and share thoughts on why there’s still tremendous inertia for companies in this space. 

If data is the new blood, then ensuring it feeds all parts of IT is the new lifeline in business today. Come hear real-world examples and get hands-on advice from people who are architecting the next frontier of the modern enterprise.


nickNick Suwyn, Principal Systems Engineer with Choice Hotels, where he supports the company’s efforts to improve the stability, security, and scalability of the company’s IT systems. Nick has a robust background in data management and infrastructure technologies. Additionally, Nick is skilled on regulatory matters including PCI and Sarbanes-Oxley, as well as strategies for disaster recovery.

jayJay Lyman, Principal Analyst with 451 Research, is in the Development, DevOps & IT Ops Channel. He covers infrastructure software, primarily private cloud platforms, cloud management and enterprise use cases that center on orchestration, the confluence of software development and IT operations known as DevOps, Docker and containers. Jay's analysis encompasses evolving IT operations and software release models, as well as the technology used to create, deploy and support infrastructure and applications in today's enterprise and service-provider markets. Key areas of research also include OpenStack, PaaS and enterprise end users.

patrickPatrick Lightbody, SVP of Product with Delphix, a fast growing Silicon Valley data platform focused whose mission is to help enterprises address data friction challenges in DevOps and other IT environments. It’s Patrick’s perspective that success in DevOps will come from bringing the same agility and elasticity they expect from their compute environments to data. Fast moving companies are achieving this agility through a data platform that enables DBAs and other “operators” of data to express policies for deployment, security, and access, while ensuring self-service access to developers and testers alike. And, looking forward, this will evolve into deep integration into CI/CD cloud automation and agile processes.