On-Demand Webinar

Eliminating Data Delivery Bottlenecks in SAP Application Development

Delphix is an innovative data platform. Delphix automates and orchestrates data flows across the enterprise for faster and more secure access to data - on-premise and in the cloud. One of the core concepts of Delphix to achieve this is the so-called "DataPod".

A DataPod gives developers, testers, or data analysts access to a personalised data environment that they can version in minutes, reset to a previous time, or update with masked data from production using self-service capabilities.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • How can SAP environments be cloned within minutes?
  • How can the downtimes in SAP System Refreshes be minimised?
  • How can the data be masked in the context of an SAP system refresh?
  • How can the SAP non-production environments be migrated to the cloud?
Roy Schultheiß

Roy Schultheiss is a Principal Solutions Engineer at Delphix.  In this role, he helps companies to improve their time to market shorten new applications and accelerate digitisation.  He grew up bilingually and has many years of experience with Customer projects in various European countries.