Five Approaches for Protecting DevOps Test Data

Learn where and how to apply each approach.

Enterprises looking to stay compliant while releasing software faster and more frequently need an approach for protecting sensitive data that is flexible, scalable, automated, and supports the multicloud.

Watch the webinar to evaluate five common approaches for masking sensitive data including:

  • Dynamic data masking
  • Script-based masking
  • Encryption
  • Synthetic data generation
  • Static masking

David Wells, Product Management, Sr. Director at Delphix

David Wells is the Product Lead of Compliance Products at Delphix, Inc., responsible for delivering the data masking products and features enterprises around the world require to protect their non-production data. Prior to joining Delphix, Mr. Wells performed a related function for Axis Technology, LLC. He has been helping clients create secure non-production data for many years. David has a broad IT background, working with large enterprises around the world for a number of years, and prior to that, serving in leadership roles at several software startups.

Ilker Taskaya, Principal Engineer at Delphix

Ilker Taskaya is a data masking solution engineer at Delphix, Inc, specializing in financial services and healthcare industry data security solutions for the last 10 years. He holds number of patents in data security field. Prior to 2006 he consulted in data warehousing for clients in financial services, insurance, and health care. Ilker began his career 20 years as a database analyst in the financial services sector.

Sharon Bell, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Delphix

Sharon Bell is a Principal Product Marketing Manager at Delphix where she specializes in data privacy compliance and industry specific data solutions. Prior to Delphix, Sharon led marketing teams at CDNetworks, CA Technologies, and Import.io.