Introduction to Programmable Data Infrastructure

Watch this webinar to learn how modern enterprises are achieving cloud speed and scale by adopting solutions that are programmable and API-driven.

To achieve Internet and cloud speed and scale, enterprises must adopt solutions that are programmable and API-driven. And while storage, compute, and code have all been automated, data remains a rigid part of the stack that’s managed via slow and manual processes— bottlenecking everything from application development to cloud adoption.

Watch this webinar to learn how modern enterprises are addressing this gap by deploying programmable data infrastructure. We will cover:

  • What programmable data infrastructure is, and how it transforms software development, cloud migration, and privacy compliance

  • 6 API-driven capabilities essential for development, SRE, and data science teams

  • Ways to integrate programmable infrastructure with toolchains for DevOps, TDM, CI/CD, and AI/ML

Matthew Yeh

Vice President, Product Marketing, Delphix

Matthew Yeh is Vice President of Product Marketing at Delphix. Matthew helps craft Delphix’s go-to-market strategy, specialising in DevOps and data security. Prior to joining Delphix, he was a Solution Manager at SAP where he shaped its ERP and GRC software portfolio for customers in regulated industries.

Ross Millenacker

Senior Product Manager, Delphix

Ross Millenacker leads product efforts for Data Control Tower at Delphix. Before Delphix, Ross held many roles ranging from Product Marketing to Engineering in the Software and Semiconductor industries. He has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon, a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, and a BA in History from UC Santa Cruz.