On- Demand Webinar

Reducing your Data Risk Profile

Learn how to protect and share your data in minutes - Live Demo

Non-production dev, test and reporting environments are often the soft underbelly of data security and can pose a huge risk to organisations.
These environments can represent as much as 90% of the attack surface for a data breach and, crucially, are less scrutinised and controlled as production environments.

During this live webinar we will demonstrate how Delphix can help you protect data and stay compliant with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and PCI and others. 

We will demonstrate:

  • •How to quickly and effectively identify sensitive data in your applications.
  • •How to easily choose an appropriate irreversible masking algorithm, from the numerous out-of-the-box algorithms available.
  • •The use-case for tokenisation and the ability to reverse data masking.
  • •How data is masked, whilst maintaining referential integrity across multiple data sources, for development and testing.
  • •How you can quickly and easily share masked data with your data consumers, including dev, test and QA teams.



Darren Foley

Darren Foley is the Principal Solutions Engineer at Delphix. His background in the Financial and Banking sector has given Darren firsthand experience of the importance of data-breach protection. He enjoys helping organisations easily adhere to the latest regulatory practices, whilst improving agility for the data-driven enterprise.

Henry Carse

Henry Carse is the Senior Solution Engineer at Delphix.  Coming from a Healthcare Systems implementation background, Henry knows first hand the importance of masking sensitive data and the headaches that come with trying to do that without the right tools. Moving into a technical pre-sales allowed him to make a positive impact to more organisations by fitting customer needs to great products.