Secure Data Mobility: Myths, Methods, and Multi-cloud

Businesses are opting for a multi-cloud strategy to both establish a diversified infrastructure and take advantage of best-of-breed cloud services and capabilities. The result is an inherent complexity in an ever-expanding enterprise ecosystem, where new and migrated applications are deployed across multiple cloud providers.

Adding to the complexity is an increased diversity of the data sources that support these applications, ranging from traditional monolithic databases, to PaaS, to many fit-for-purpose datastores used by microservices. Layered on top are stringent privacy regulations that govern and protect sensitive data in production and in lower-level environments used for application development or analytics.

Trying to capture, secure, and rapidly deliver quality data to non-production environments has always been a challenge, and it’s even harder in a multi-cloud model. What happens when production instances, app dev environments, and analytics processing are running in different clouds? It will be difficult to effectively execute a multi-cloud strategy if data can’t be easily and securely moved from cloud to cloud.

Supplying data for non-prod use cases in the cloud requires data to be transportable, API-driven, and secure.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to leverage compliant, lightweight virtual databases for secure cloud-to-cloud data mobility
  • The truths behind common myths for data security, test data, and PaaS databases
  • How to provision integrated test environments with data from multiple clouds from our 4 product demos
Alberto Sigismond

Alberto Sigismond after many years spent improving Storage and Data Protection for his customers leading Veritas flagship products like NetBackup, Velocity and most recently CloudPoint, Alberto Sigismondi currently works at Delphix, where his focus is on improving how Application Developers and QA embrace better DevOps best practices.
With over two decades of real-life in-the-trenches experience in different regions and countries, Alberto has always surrounded himself with great people from which he has learned the ins and outs of many business areas in Technical Support, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Consultancy, and Education. All those great experiences shaped him to be a Product Manager and he loves it.
Alberto is also an active Triathlete, eternal learner, husband, and father of 2 awesome kids.

Nick Suwyn

Nick is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Delphix and has 20+ years managing relational databases. Additionally, Nick spent several years as an Infrastructure Engineer prior to working for Delphix. His background has always had a focus on data security and automation. Nick's tenure at Delphix has included educating customers on the Delphix platform, as well as implementing Delphix to accelerate provisioning and refreshing of data, automating this process, and securing any sensitive data.