A Look Back on DCS New York and A Look Forward to DCS Paris

With Delphix’s successful New York City Data Company Summit (DCS) in our rear view, we’re getting excited for the next DCS in Paris on June 9.

Jason Axelrod

Jun 07, 2022

On May 25, visionary executives representing global brands convened for Delphix’s New York Data Company Summit to discuss strategies to unite sustainability and digital transformation. In addition to panels and keynote speeches, attendees and speakers alike had multiple opportunities to network with each other. The result was a vibrant forum of ideas that left attendees with actionable pathways towards improving their organizations’ data operations and sustainability efforts.

Throughout the day, technology executives discussed a variety of subjects related to digital transformation and sustainability. For instance, Truist Bank VP of Software Engineering and Director of Test Data Management Pritam Mahapatra gave a detailed explanation of why fast access to production quality test data is crucial for efficient digital transformation, as well as how API-driven data automation and modernized test data management approaches can ensure faster access to test data. In a separate session, Choice Hotels CIO Brian Kirkland spoke on applications of test data management and detailed how Choice Hotels has leveraged data and IT innovation to drive environmentally-friendly business practices including waste reduction, water conservation, and streamlined operations.

Later in the day, a federal official from Brazil discussed the benefits that improved test data compliance has brought to the government. By employing data masking, the government has been better equipped to protect personally identifiable information (PII) that is shared with third-party developers, ensure compliance with Brazil’s General Data Protection Law (LGPD), and also achieve the level of transparency that government operations require.

Setting the Sights on the City of Light

If you missed DCS New York, Delphix will be hosting three more data company summits in Paris (June 9), Newport Beach, CA (June 23); and Chicago (June 28).

The upcoming DCS Paris, taking place on June 9 at the Chateau de Longchamp, will feature multiple panels of technology leaders speaking on a variety of key issues related to enterprise innovation and modernization. With several experts speaking on specific subjects at once, attendees will gain multiple perspectives on key issues, providing them with well-rounded game plans for enhancing digital transformation and sustainability initiatives alike.

The panels — including executives from Tokio Marine, BNP Paribas, Nordea, Worldpay, National Grid, and more — will touch on topics such as:

  • How to maximize IT agility within an expanding business

  • The most Important digital transformation priorities in the CXO suite

  • How data automation enables innovation, modernization, and a faster time to market

It can be easy to view sustainability as just another box for an organization to check, but climate change continues to have measurable and palpable impacts on our planet. To that end, famed sustainability journalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand will also give a keynote speech on how witnessing climate change firsthand as a wildlife photographer led him to create the GoodPlanet Foundation in an effort to save humanity.

As digital transformation becomes an ever-more pressing obligation for enterprises, technology executives have the opportunity to adopt more efficient and sustainable processes to set a new standard for sustainability in IT while also maintaining a competitive advantage.

However, these changes won’t happen immediately, which only underscores the importance in having conversations about those changes now. Participating in a data company summit holds multiple benefits for attendees— such as learning digital transformation and sustainability strategies directly from peers, a donation match program to make an immediate sustainable impact, and the amenities of world class cities.

Register today and join us as we make our organizations and the world sustainable for generations to come.

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