Celebrating the 2019 Lenny Awards for Best Partner Training Program

SAP Litmos awards Delphix’s DASH program for a 2019 Lenny Award in the category of best partner training program. Delve into how our customer education & experience team built DASH to empower our partner community through an innovative eLearning experience.

It’s never been a more exciting field to work in the education space as new modes of learning and technologies come to life. It’s even more meaningful that we’ve recently been awarded a 2019 Lenny Award for best partner training program. 

In the past year and a half, we’ve expanded the Delphix Partner First Program to help technology leaders, global systems integrators, and channel partners to bring the most value to our customers. To support this initiative, we’ve invested heavily in providing the best learning experience for this community through the DASH for Partners program. 

Simply put, DASH is a training program focused on enablement between Delphix and our partners to expand opportunities, penetrate markets, and capitalize on industry trends. We provide support with a robust curriculum covering the sales, delivery and support journey to customers, ensuring the right teamwork for all phases of the solution lifecycle.

Our dynamic team of writers, technologists, instructional designers, facilitators, trainers, program managers, and learning engineers have played a huge role in our successful design and implementation of the partner program. Since the launch of Delphix Edu five years ago, this team has been committed to building “the best, for the most, for the least” across all our education initiatives. 

We bring this philosophy to life by building replicable processes and learning experiences  focused on agile development and timely releases. Our systems and authoring tools have helped us run more efficiently with better communication and without relying on a large cumbersome process, outcome, or vendor.  

The Power of a Learning Management System + Rich Content Catalogue

In order to build a cohesive and successful program, we leveraged our training content pipeline and a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) called Litmos. Litmos was the LMS of choice because of the opportunity to build seamless learning experiences for our users while giving us the ability to manage, track, and govern the impact and engagement of our learners. Litmos has allowed us the flexibility to create user role-based tracks with multiple levels of mastery. As a result, the education and enablement team is better equipped to personalize the experience and develop the right curriculum for each of our partners. 

Thriving in Today’s New Data Economy 

In a world where every company is a data company, DASH for Partners has enabled global scalability, increasing predictability and success with partner engagement strategies in our go-to-market strategy. Every learning experience is mapped to specific user roles and areas of focus including sales, presales, deployment, support as well as our system integrator partners. 

Internally, we were able to successfully evangelize a program to more than 1,000 individuals. The partner response has been one of appreciation and gratitude as we’ve seen our NARR numbers grow significantly year after year.  

In today’s media-saturated environment, it takes more than an eLearning tool or platform to transform the experience. We have an amazing team with clearly defined objectives to create a stellar learning experience for our customers and partners. Our love for learning and innovation is contagious, and we’re continuing to hold a learner-centric mentality to improve and integrate better learning experiences.

Ready to get started? Download our program guide to learn more about how to become a Delphix partner. 

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