Delivering Greater Speed & Security to Cloud-Native Applications for Enterprise Software Teams

With new Delphix masking capabilities for data sources on AWS RDS, including PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and MariaDB, enterprise teams can leverage one platform to secure their data for non-production environments.

More and more organizations are adopting cloud-native data sources as part of their digital transformation journey, in hopes of accelerating the delivery of new services to customers that keep pace with the breakneck speed of today’s digital economy.

A quarter of all data in the cloud is sensitive personal information, according to McAfee’s 2019 Cloud Adoption and Risk Report. As companies in healthcare, banking, financial services, and other industries make the move to digital, they are experiencing an explosion of sensitive data, namely things like patient electronic medical records, social security numbers, age, life expectancy stats, account records, and many more. This data is often housed in a variety of places on-premises and on the cloud and securing it is arduous, time-consuming and fruitless for most companies.

While the benefits of adopting cloud-native platforms are widely known, findings from the 2018 Cloud Security Report show the top security concerns for organizations have to do with data loss and leakage (67%), threats to data privacy (61%), and breaches of confidentiality (50%).

Most cloud service providers will simply offer data encryption to secure sensitive data, but this technique is insufficient as it can be undone if a hacker or bad actor is persistent enough to figure out the key. (And, if you look at recent headlines, new breaches are caused this way each day.) As any enterprise data team will tell you, security is their number one concern when it comes to the cloud and yet, it seems there’s a large, gaping hole in the cloud security market that needs to be filled.

Until now.

We’re now bringing our advanced sensitive data discovery and masking technology to support additional RDS data sources, including PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and MariaDB - sources that are being used most often by enterprises that adopt a cloud-first strategy - on Amazon Web Services (in addition to AWS RDS Oracle support) in our latest 5.3.2 release.

Here are the 5 attributes of the Delphix masking technology that effectively protects sensitive data stored in the cloud while still retaining business value.

  1. Automatically identifies sensitive data.

  2. Irreversibly protects the data from restoring to its original, sensitive state.

  3. Makes testing feasible with realistic, but fictitious data while providing zero value to thieves and hackers.

  4. Extensibility & flexibility allows businesses to customize their solution for a wide variety of data sources they depend on.

  5. Preserves referential integrity for important data relationships.

By extending Delphix masking to additional versions of AWS RDS, software development teams can automate the discovery of sensitive data, mask that data and distribute it quickly and securely to both internal and external stakeholders.

Many companies still use a little bit of homegrown masking for one data source and a point solution that supports a handful of applications while leaving some sensitive data unprotected. Unlike other masking solutions in the industry, Delphix supports a broad set of data sources, including Oracle, RDS, and mainframe, brings consistency across each of those sources and scales to meet enterprise requirements across a large portfolio of applications - all in a single platform.

The overwhelming necessity to drive both speed and security means that companies can’t abandon one in favor of the other. Combining both masking with data virtualization, the Delphix platform enables enterprises software teams to deliver masked data from heterogeneous data sources in minutes to application development and testing teams, ultimately enabling the business to develop faster and deliver high-quality customer experiences while staying compliant with privacy regulations.

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