Introducing Delphix Version 5.3

This latest version includes significant updates for masking APIs.

Jason Grauel

Oct 09, 2018

We’re excited to announce our latest release: Version 5.3 of the Data Platform and Masking Engine. About a year ago, we introduced bimonthly releases, moving away from our focus on major releases. These bimonthly releases now allow us to deliver key changes much faster to the market and ship higher quality features on a regular schedule. Our business requires us to continually support new data sources, operating systems, features and integrations and moving to a shorter, more predictable cycle helps immensely.

Our last major release, Version 5.2, incorporated large-scale architectural changes, most notably replacing the UI framework and introducing an entirely new masking API that can be used to synchronize algorithms across Masking Engines.

Today, Version 5.3 introduces another significant update for the masking APIs. As Delphix customers deploy more and more instances of our data masking technology, there has been an enormous desire to coordinate masking jobs across an unbounded number of masking engines. Version 5.3 dramatically expands the existing framework we built in Version 5.2 to support synchronization of jobs across masking engines.

The masking API now includes more than 30 new API endpoints around algorithms, users, roles, file uploads, system information, logins, rulesets and connectors. With this, we’re enabling our customers to fully integrate masking into their workflows and become API-first platforms.

This is a major step towards enforcing an enterprise-wide data security process. It’s a core aspect of our company strategy, and we’ll cover more on this in detail in forthcoming blogs.

We’ve also made a number of functional and visual updates that we’ll be exploring in-depth this month through a series of blog posts. Specifically, we’ll be discussing:

  • Driving real value from traditional backup systems by consuming data from NetBackup

  • Providing operation metrics to Splunk along with a Delphix dashboard

  • Introducing our ability to build custom data source integrations

  • Continuing to simplify and modernize our UI redesign

Download 5.3 on our site and join our community here to share your feedback!

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