Delphix Data Masking

Keep data secure in any environment, automatically.

Data masking is the most effective way to keep your data secure in any environment. See how Delphix Data Masking makes it easy to mask and deliver data in any environment. Automatically. In minutes.

Delphix Data Masking

The Delphix Masking Engine is software that installs in your on-premises or off-site data center, or in a public or private cloud environment. It replaces sensitive data with a fictitious equivalent that can be used for development, testing, and analytics without risk of exposing the original data to a breach. Unlike encryption measures that can be bypassed through schemes to obtain user credentials, masking irreversibly protects data in downstream, non-production environments.

Delphix Data Masking Software Solution

Versatile and simple

With a single software solution, Delphix customers can perform data masking across variety of platforms, including data in databases and file systems. And, unlike manual solutions, the Delphix Masking Engine is designed to scale to meet the needs of even multi-terabyte, multi-location deployments while remaining simple to install and use: there is no programming or administrative involvement required.

Delphix Data Masking - Versatile & Simple
Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access
Delphix Data Masking - Versatile & Simple

Faster and more flexible

Delphix masks data ten times faster than other solutions, in a fraction of the storage footprint, and gives users the flexibility to choose from a variety of pre-built masking algorithms or write their own. Data masking is applied consistently to maintain referential integrity--even across multiple, heterogeneous sources.

Next-generation data masking

The Delphix Masking Engine seamlessly integrates with the Delphix Virtualization Engine as a software solution that addresses key challenges security-minded organizations must face, including securing their data, and then efficiently delivering it. By combining data masking with virtual data into a single, secure architecture, Delphix provides a triple benefit to customers: enhanced security, greater agility, and lower costs for applications projects.

Delphix Data Masking Integrates with Data Virtualization

Complete visibility and control

Leveraging customizable industry templates or regular expressions, customers can easily identify and automatically data mask across multiple sources. Next, they can automatically assign and execute masking algorithms that match specific data types.

Proactive monitoring and reporting

Customers can measure adherence to masking policies and detect non-compliance through a near real-time audit trail. The Delphix Masking Engine also generates risk assessment reports and alerts administrators if vulnerabilities are discovered.