GDPR Compliance, Regulation, and Implementation Solutions

Accelerate and simplify compliance with the EU’s data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Get ready for GDPR with Delphix


A single solution to identify confidential information, mask sensitive data values, and centrally manage data copies.


Delphix comes preconfigured with discovery templates and algorithms tuned specifically for GDPR.


Protect data in databases and filesystems across both cloud and on-prem environments.

Put the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform to work for you.

Discover personal data subject to GDPR

The Delphix Dynamic Data Platform creates a comprehensive library of data sources with the ability to pinpoint the location of sensitive data that resides in both on-prem data centers and cloud-based environments such as AWS and Azure. The Delphix platform is preconfigured to identify data values subject to GDPR, but is also adaptable to an organization’s unique definitions of what is considered personal, confidential information.

Easily meet GDPR pseudonymization requirements

Businesses can use the Delphix platform to surgically mask confidential data, irreversibly removing information about the subject. Delphix masking transforms data values to fulfill GDPR “pseudonymization” requirements but also ensures that data is still usable for developers, testers, or analysts. Once data has been masked, Delphix delivers secure copies to on premises, cloud, or hybrid environments in minutes, instead of hours or days.

Govern data with a centralized solution

Delphix gives businesses the data governance capabilities essential to a sound GDPR program, including better control over who has access to what data, when, and for how long, regardless of where that data resides—cloud or on prem. Administrators can create and manage policies to ensure data is continuously masked, promote role-based access, and even respond to requests to "forget" the information of specific individuals.

Delphix and GDPR


Catalog data sources across your enterprise

Delphix enables you to create an organizational library of existing data sources operating in both production and nonproduction networks, on prem or in the cloud.


Identify data values subject to GDPR

On an ongoing basis, the Delphix platform can scan data values and metadata to pinpoint the location of confidential information. This creates an enterprise-wide map of data that needs to be secured with masking.


Protect confidential data with masking

Delphix automatically replaces sensitive data values with fictitious, yet realistic equivalents. Masked data is effectively “pseudonymized” to comply with GDPR, but is still usable for development, testing, or reporting.


Quickly distribute secure data

The Delphix platform seamlessly integrates data masking with data virtualization to deliver space-efficient copies of data to developers, testers, or business analysts—in just minutes.


Centrally manage data copies

With the Delphix platform, administrators can define and manage data masking, refresh, retention, and access policies all from a single point of control.

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Protect Sensitive Data and Ensure Compliance with Data Privacy Regulations

Find out how eleven enterprises put DataOps processes, technology, and governance in place to reduce the risk of exposing personal information, stay in compliance with data privacy regulations, and give customers peace of mind.

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