Delphix for Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Enabling Data Compliance, Security for Microsoft IDP.

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"Delphix and Microsoft combined give us all the compliance and automation services we need to make the delivery of secure data easy."

Amir Desai, CIO, Molina Healthcare

Deliver innovative, data-powered experiences while protecting PII

Data and analytics systems contain sensitive information, fueling privacy and security risk. For innovation programs that demand continuous yet compliant data flows, Delphix and Microsoft IDP combine advanced compliance and automation services to make data delivery easy for everyone.

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    Data compliance and security

    Mask data governed by laws such as GDPR and CCPA.

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    Frictionless data

    Automate compliance to eliminate data flow bottlenecks.

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    Quality data for development, analytics

    Use real, masked data for testing and analysis.

Democratize data with automated masking

Delphix automatically discovers and masks personal identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive information, replacing manual processes for delivering compliant data. With Delphix, enterprises stay compliant with privacy regulations and mitigate risk of breach, while ensuring developers, analysts, and data scientists can easily consume the right data.

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Key capabilities

  • Robust API set

    Integrate compliance into pipelines and data flows for Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse Analytics.

  • Sensitive data discovery

    Identify sensitive data fields subject to privacy, industry laws.

  • Automated data masking

    Apply masking to transform sensitive values into realistic, yet fictitious values.

  • Preserve realism, referential integrity

    Use real, high-quality data for fast developer feedback and accurate analytics.

  • Extensive masking algorithm library

    Mask data with a comprehensive algorithm set, plus flexibility to customize for specific requirements.

  • Universal connectivity

    Accelerate compliance for key applications like SAP and Salesforce.