Two Data Company Summits Down; Two To Go

With pride for our first two data company summits, we’re excited for what lies ahead.

Jason Axelrod

Jun 21, 2022

In 2021, approximately 74 zettabytes — or 74 billion terabytes — of data were consumed across the world. That number will more than double by 2024, when the world is projected to consume 149 zettabytes of data.

Data will only grow in importance as an essential component of IT innovation— and as enterprises prioritize digital transformation, technology executives have the opportunity to adopt more effective and sustainable data management processes to set a new standard for sustainability in IT, while also maintaining a competitive advantage. However, these changes won’t happen immediately, which only underscores the importance of discussing them now.

Delphix’s four data company summits (DCS) are designed to facilitate those conversations, and we’re proud to be halfway through the series. Most recently, DCS Paris featured technology leaders discussing the digital transformation, sustainability, and data management strategies that have propelled their organizations forward. Sky Italia Head of Infrastructure Service Operations Massimiliano Ricci explained in a session how to achieve fast and secure application delivery in a Zero Trust model, while BNP Paribas Group CIO Bernard Gavgani discussed the top digital transformation priorities for the CXO suite.

Meanwhile, a panel composed of Nordea Head of Quality Assurance Andy Armstrong, Worldpay Head of Platform Engineering & Design Arvind Anandam, and Statkraft Head of Trading Support, IT Dirk Horstrup discussed how tech leaders have empowered development and test teams to accelerate data-driven innovation of products, services and operations, while also accomplishing sustainability objectives. In another panel discussion, Stonex Group Global Head Of Infrastructure Anup Anand and National Grid Engineering Senior Director of Dev Enablement Thiruchendhil Arasu addressed how to balance technology investments, operational awareness and practices, and environmental discipline to transform DevOps to innovate faster, more responsibly, and sustainably in a separate panel.

The Next Steps: Newport Beach and Chicago

Delphix’s next two data company summits, to be held at Lido House in Newport Beach, CA (June 23) and The Thompson in Chicago (June 28), promise to be just as informative and inspiring as the previous two data company summits.

At DCS Newport Beach, technology executives from Wells Fargo, Experian, LA Fitness, Mattel, California State University, Molina Healthcare, BeachBody, will discuss the following:

  • Leading at the Intersection of DevOps and Compliance to Drive Sustainable Digital Transformation

  • How to Maximize IT Agility Within An Expanding Business

  • Building a Sustainable Transformation Culture that Empowers People and Innovates Processes

  • Bringing Products to Market Faster With Efficient Test Data Management Practices

Meanwhile, DCS Chicago will feature keynotes and panel discussions from technology leaders representing Dell, Walmart, Optum, Express Scripts, Lumentum, and U.S. Silica. These leaders will discuss the following:

  • Digital Leadership Transformation

  • Data Megatrends and the Art of the Possible

  • Galvanizing People for Sustainable Transformation

  • Data for DevOps: The Intersection of Data Automation and Data Security

Participating in a data company summit offers multiple benefits for attendees— such as learning about sustainability and digital transformation strategies directly from peers, participating in a donation match program to make an immediate sustainable impact, and enjoying the amenities of world class cities.

Register today and join us as we make our organizations and the world sustainable for generations to come.

Register for the Newport Beach Data Company Summit here

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